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John Orchard offers a bespoke show to suit your venue.  Just give John the specification and he will create a memorable event for you.  Here's 2 examples:-


SING-ALONG-A-JOHN - recreating the atmosphere of most pubs in the U.K. before television came into our homes.  Adding a twist to the proceedings, John plays songs you know from the hit parades of yesteryear plus others that stretch back more than 100 years to the days of the British Music Hall.

* Runs for up to 210 minutes.


COME TO THE CABARET - The story of London's 'Talk of the Town' sister club in Manchester - THE GOLDEN GARTER - in pictures and sing-along audience participation.  It's a QUIZ, it's a SING-SONG, it's ENTERTAINMENT for you and your friends.  Best suited for the over-60's. 

* Runs 90 minutes

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